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I'm VERY excited today…I'm on my way back from diamond buying in NYC and had…

I'm VERY excited today...I'm on my way back from diamond buying in NYC and had great "diamond" karma today! (Similar to when you're shopping for clothes and everywhere you look, you find things that you love and that fits)
Diamond karma is finding GREAT diamonds, white in color, with small flaws that can be hidden by prongs, but with perfect or almost perfect cutting that gives amazing sparkle; this combination allows FANTASTIC pricing. These are all round ones, at least 1 carat, almost perfectly cut and will be here tomorrow! Usually when I go diamond buying, a good day is to find 2 diamonds that I love; today I found six! If you know anyone who may be thinking of getting engaged or thinking of upgrading for an anniversary, please let them know.... I'm going to have a great selection this week~Richard

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We're very excited! After several months of waiting….our Endless Jewelry show…

We're very excited! After several months of waiting....our Endless Jewelry showcase has arrived! By the number of posts we've made about it, you know we're big fans. To celebrate--JUST this week...ENDS Saturday @ 4PM.....this is a Richard just cooked it up special. $10 off your total Endless purchase + a free Endless gift! (Bellingham store only)

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Today's fun item….Coming up for auction in the next few weeks….a 100.2 carat…

Today's fun item....Coming up for auction in the next few weeks....a 100.2 carat emerald cut diamond. One of the top 5 biggest ever sold....Millions????? Will let you know after I find out. Attached are the before it was cut, and after it was cut pictures. I thought it would fun to see what diamonds look like before cutting.

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Flash Sale! Friday and Saturday! (last week's sale was snowed out…so we'll d…

Flash Sale! Friday and Saturday! (last week's sale was snowed we'll do it again!) $10 off all repairs dropped off Friday and Saturday. $10 off all repairs picked up Friday and Saturday.

And if we'll give you a $10 credit
on any repair
that you picked up or dropped off
Since Jan 2, 2015

A repair is any job that we have performed for you that involves the fixing of a jewelry item.

It is not a new sale
and there must have been a fee paid.

In order to receive the credit, you MUST visit either
Marshall's location on Saturday January 31, 2015

The credit may only be done in person, offer expires 1/31 @ 4pm

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