Your Trusted Local Jeweler: MARSHALL JEWELERS Serving Those in Uxbridge

Trust is never built in a day, just like Rome was not built in a day. It takes years, if not generations, to build watertight trust; this especially applies to the jewelry business. Marshall Jewelers are third-generation jewelers serving those in Uxbridge, Sutton and Douglas as well as many other satellite communities within a 10-mile [...]

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Jewelers Par Excellence Jewelers of Sutton, Uxbridge or Douglas

We have just finished the festive season, during which new friends, new acquaintances and new relationships—and exchanging gifts—became the norm. Let’s seal those bonds whilst stepping into the New Year. There is no better way to do this than to exchange something that will stand the test of time and that will endure throughout these [...]

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Get the Perfect Gift from your Trusted Jeweler in Whitinsville

It is Christmas time. Bling is all around in the tinsel hanging in the trees and bright Christmas lights cheering up the malls. It is the season for giving that special someone something extra special. If you are near Whitinsville, the perfect place would be to head to Marshalls. Bling makes a truly exceptional Christmas [...]

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Take the trip from Douglass to Find the Perfect Christmas Gift for Her

The small town of Douglass in Massachusetts is indeed a hidden gem which offers an entire journey in arts and culture, exceptional family outing and vistas that will truly captivate you. It is nestled in the heart of Massachusetts that is not only a perfect place to travel but also the best place to hunt [...]

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