Marshall Jewelers in Bellingham and Whitinsville is located within a 10-mile radius of Sutton and Douglas or even Uxbridge. Visiting either of our stores will fulfill all your dreams of finding that perfect piece of jewelry you always aspired to give your loved one or close friend.

Crafting your love in gold or silver

Our gold or silver jewelry made especially for you or your loved one is checked for perfection in every way. Only after we are absolutely sure that we have gotten your piece of jewelry right and that it is what you have expressly ordered will we present it to you in an elegant box fit to hold Marshall jewelry.

If we are not satisfied with what we have created, we will make a new version for you. We always strive to ensure that perfection – and nothing else – is carried out of our store.

Your local jeweler

Marshall Jewelers is your local jeweler and we are located very conveniently to discerning customers in Sutton, Uxbridge or Douglas.

We have a long line of tradition to our craft and are proud that every piece of jewelry we turn out has our stamp on it.

Being local makes us a part of the community and we have striven to uphold high standards of quality, ensuring that we serve our neighbors diligently and with trust.

We have left no stone unturned to ensure that community members do not think, ‘There are no trusted jewelers “around me”’ and that they do not believe they cannot get exactly what they want.

Upholding trust with tradition

As your proud local jeweler, we have served the communities of Sutton, Douglas and Uxbridge diligently and with dedication. We have built a reputation that we intend to uphold at any cost.

With traditional master craftsmen under our roof, we have created very intricate designs that have been cherished by our selective customers, who always give us the motivation to maintain our high standards of trust.

The intricate gold and silver jewelry that we design for our discerning clientele bears our stamp of approval for quality workmanship and the required purity of gold or silver. Our jewelry is flawless in design.


Keeping promises

We have served the communities of Sutton, Uxbridge and Douglas for years, always delivering on our promises.

When we take on the responsibility of crafting a piece of jewelry for you or your loved one, we ensure that what you order is what you get.

In addition, if you choose any jewelry from our store, it will be accompanied by our guarantee that what we give you is exactly what we have said it is.