Marshall’s Jewelers has a 64 year history of designing fine pieces of jewelry for individuals. Whether you have family gems or diamonds you wish to restyle and have us create a unique piece of jewelry for you or a loved one, designers will work closely with you to create that one-of-a-kind masterpiece that you most desire.

Computer Aided Designs

We have always used the most modern equipment and employed the newest techniques. The next step is Computer Aided Design (CAD). No longer are 2 dimensional black and white sketches the norm. CAD has defined the new standard by giving you fully rendered 3 dimensional color view of any concept that we are creating for you. Here are a few examples of how powerful this really is.

Custom Design Process

We work with you to customize every detail of your special customized jewelry piece.  The typical process includes:

  • Sitting with you to determine your overall idea of what you want
  • Choosing the type of item (we can create just about any type of custom jewelry.  Rings and pendants are the most common, but we have done a wide variety of items including money clips, cuff links, and custom brooches.)
  • Choose the material (We can use any type of metal including 14K and 18K gold, silver, and platinum).
  • Sketch the item – this ensures that we have the right idea of what you want
  • 3D Rendering via Computer Aided-Design (CAD) – We use the most advanced CAD system on the market and we can show you, in 3D, exactly what your custom jewelry will look like.
  • Production:
    • Wax mold – We create a wax mold of the item from the 3D rendering
    • “Invest” the mold – basically creating mold with a plaster-of-paris type material
    • “Debubblize” the mold – we put the mold in a vacuum to extract any bubbles
    • “Burn-out” the mold – heat the mold at high temperatures for a long period of time to remove any wax and wax residue
    • Cast the item – we melt gold in a crucible and pour it in the mold
    • Break away the mold – once solidified we break away the mold revealing a ‘rough casting’
    • Clean, polish, and insert stones