It is Christmas time. Bling is all around in the tinsel hanging in the trees and bright Christmas lights cheering up the malls. It is the season for giving that special someone something extra special. If you are near Whitinsville, the perfect place would be to head to Marshalls. Bling makes a truly exceptional Christmas gift. If you visit Marshalls Jewelers in Whitinsville, we will be able to help you choose a gift that won’t just land up in the closet or hiding in a cabinet. At Marshall’s you will have an opportunity to quietly contemplate the pieces on display so that you can choose the perfect necklace, bracelet or ring.

Whitinsville Jeweler

Jewelry is a precious gift that becomes more valuable over time. You often forget what you paid for something, but not the smile and happiness it brought to the recipient. A piece of jewelry expresses your love and gratitude for a supportive relationship like nothing else. If you visit Marshalls Jewelers in Whitinsville, you could have your jewelry engraved with a unique message and a date to make the gift even more special. As your trusted we are here to give you advice, whether you choose a dainty bracelet or fashionable wristwatch.

Custom Jewelry Design

It is important to keep in mind that you are buying jewelry for someone else, so don’t be swayed by your own preferences. Make sure you choose something that will give the recipient joy. What do you usually see them wear? At Marshall’s you would even be able to have a custom piece made. Take a drawing or picture along and ask us to design and produce something in the same style. Your jeweler will probably ask if the lucky recipient prefers gold or silver, whether he or she is allergic to any metals and, if you are buying earrings, whether the person’s ears are pierced or not.

Another special gift you could ask for is a piece with natural stone. Most stones are associated with certain qualities. Do your homework and find out if that special person has a birthstone or a stone that bares significance to them. For example, the beautiful purple amethyst is traditionally known as February’s birthstone. However, it is also known as the “Gem of Fire” and used to be as valuable as a diamond in ancient times. Our staff at our jewelry store in Whitinsville will be able to assist you in getting that special gem for your special person.