Marshall’s Jewelers offers complete Jewelry and Watch Repair Services. All gold and platinum repair work is done right in the store!


Our Master Goldsmith, Michael, working on a project.

Michael our jewlery repair professional has been crafting fine jewlery for over 25 years. We calculate that at this point in his career, he’s repaired over $10 Million dollars of jewelry, so he’s prepared and skilled to work on your family’s fine jewlery.

Ring Sizing

Marshall’s experienced and professional staff will measure your finger to find the perfect fit. We can enlarge all rings, even engraved engagement and wedding bands.

Clasp Repair

Marshall’s can repair or add all types of clasps including fish hooks, lobster claws, box clasps, barrel clasps, spring rings and more.

Shank Work

Shank work performed by Marshall’s Jewelers includes ring sizing, soldering, installing, and mounting assembly.

Prong Work

Marshall’s Jewelers can re-tip and or replace worn prongs on your rings. Before you leave your diamond rings, we show you the diamonds under our microscope and identify all the inclusions, draw them on your receipt, so that we can prove to you its the same diamond after the repair.

Expert Watch Repair

Marshall’s can remove watch links, replace batteries, replace crystals, replace stems and crowns, engrave, rebuild moveable parts, and more on all watch brands and types including Rolex and pocket watches.

Stone/Gem Setting and Repair

Marshall’s can provide stone tightening, stone replacement, mounting/re-mounting and settings including bezel set, channel set, bright cutting and more.

Chain Soldering and Repair

Marshall’s can provide chain repair and soldering including basic and advanced chain repair, charm soldering, jump ring soldering, bracelet links repair, and chain braiding with soldering.

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