The small town of Douglass in Massachusetts is indeed a hidden gem which offers an entire journey in arts and culture, exceptional family outing and vistas that will truly captivate you. It is nestled in the heart of Massachusetts that is not only a perfect place to travel but also the best place to hunt for the perfect Christmas gift for the women you love. The quick trip up to Marshalls Jewelers in Whitinsville is well worth it. There you will find one of the best and most professional jewelry makers in the area. Our jeweler is renowned for his craftsmanship and expertise in creating fine and delicate pieces that the women will appreciate.

Jewelry Gift Guide for Her in Douglass

Create a holiday that is more glittery and dazzling by giving that special someone by giving her the best jewelry in Douglass created by Marshalls Jewelers. Learn how you can choose the perfect shape and style that she will definitely adore by following this simple guide.


A simple piece of jewelry will fit perfectly into that special woman’s wardrobe regardless of her style and the day of the week. Marshall Jewelers offered various types of earrings with varying metal, quality, cut, and carat weight. Earrings are the ‘go to’ piece of jewelry to go if you want to be safe. It virtually has a place in the wardrobe of any woman with pierced ears. In case the taste of your woman is quite elaborate, you may give her a drop earring. Drop earrings that you may find in our Whitinsville store are available in wire or stud style. For those sporty, try to give them hoops which are another popular style.


A necklace studded with diamond is definitely the Christmas gift that you woman will treasure. Marshall Jewelers, a short drive from Douglass, offers different sorts of necklaces; from the simple necklace with a solitary pendant that can be attached to the necklace’s chain to the more fashionable style. They even offered customizable jewelry that allows their customers to engrave meaningful words or her name, the choices they offer are virtually limitless.


If you want something that she can wear all day and will remind her about your sweetness and thoughtfulness, try giving her a bracelet. The bracelets offered by Marshalls in Whitinsville range from the simplest bangles with possibly a diamond incorporated in a type of metal to the stacks of bracelets. Tennis bracelets are one of the most well-known types of bracelet that fits any budget and available in an array of carat weight. Filigree Cuff, on the other hand, is perfect for the women who are dressed up to an occasion.

For those looking for jewelry gift this Christmas, take the quick trip from Douglass to our Whitinsville store and visit one of the most renowned jeweler in all of Massachusetts. At Marshalls Jewelers we offer some of the finest pieces of jewelry in the area.