Uxbridge is a smaller town, where everyone knows each other. If you are out buying a very special gift for someone, you are likely to run into people that you know and ruin the surprise of the gifts that you are buying. There is nothing worse than having a holiday surprise ruined because of bad timing. Instead of having this happen again this year, you should plan a visit out of town to one of the Marshalls Jewelers locations. Both of the locations have extended holiday hours until Christmas Eve making it easier to travel up the 122 from Uxbridge to our Whitinsville store. Here are some of the items that you will find at both of the Marshalls Jewelers locations that make great Christmas Gifts.


Bracelets are a great Christmas gift for people who you are not sure what to get them, or they have everything. There are hundreds of different designs and colors that you can pick from. We have pieces in different price ranges, so you can find pieces that will fit your budget. You can also have custom bracelets made, or have the bracelet engraved to make the piece specialized for the gift recipient.


Like bracelets, necklaces are great gifts for the people who have everything. Our jewelry store has many unique styles and colors that you can pick from. We can also make custom necklaces, especially if you have a design in mind that we do not normally stock. We can also engrave the necklaces, so you can make the necklace a more unique Christmas gift.


Rings can be great Christmas gift, and there are hundreds of different designs in our show room that you can pick from. We have rings that are at all different price points, and a wide range of metals that you can pick from. We offer both rings for both men and women in our show rooms. If you cannot find the design of ring that you want, you can have the ring custom made.

Custom Jewelry

If you want a very special Christmas gift, you should think about having a custom piece made. Our team will work with you to make the piece that you want to gift. We can make custom rings, pendant, brooches, cuff links and money clips.

Both of the Marshalls Jewelers locations have a wide variety of items that would make excellent Christmas gifts. Instead of just shopping in Uxbridge, you should make a trip to one of our locations. Our jewelry is a great gift for everyone, and there is little risk that your Holiday surprise will be ruined by bad timing. We have special holiday hours to make shopping for Christmas gifts easier.